Complete Off-Grid Services, including consulting and systems installation. Based on 15 +years of real off-grid living experience. From RVs, boats and tiny homes to year-round full time residences.


Reduce your dependence on BC Hydro by saving money on your monthly Bill with BC's Net-Metering Program.

Battery Backup/Grid-Tie Hybrid

Benefits of Grid-Tie,  with security of battery backup and solar charging whenever the grid goes down or to optimize time of use billing.


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About Our Company

Positive Power Systems is a full service Solar Photovoltaic installer, specializing in complete off-grid systems.

With close to 20 years of first hand experience living  off-grid, we have developed a first hand knowledge of what it takes to live without BC Hydro, and what it takes to develop functional and sustainable power, water, heat and home systems. Coupled with local experience, training, and industry partners, you can rest assured in the efficiency of your grid-tie installation, or in the security that your camper van, RV, or home is going to have the reliable power it needs.

In reality, every installation is custom and has unique requirements. However, the majority of installs fall into three main categories:  With a straightforward "Grid-Tied" setup you can reduce or potentially eliminate your monthly power bill through BC Hydro's Net Metering Program. If Power outages are an issue for you, we can design a reliable hybrid battery backup/grid-tie system that power's critical loads when BC Hydro is down, and continues to power them with solar power. And with 15 + years off real off-grid living experience, we'll set up your boat, RV, tiny home, or Full sized full time home, completely Off-Grid!

Our Latest Projects

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15kw Ground Mount
DeCourcy Island Off-Grid

1.8 kw new off-grid Installation on DeCourcy Island

Off-Grid Home Power Upgrade

An additional 1.8kw of solar power on a new pole-mount array.

Net-Metering Grid-Tie

Two neighboring 5 kw Grid-Tie installations.


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Located on Salt Spring Island, we service all the Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.

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